Daring To Dream


The first 21 years of this century have not been much of a joy ride – from 911, to warfare, and now Covid.  After a while we cannot take it all in, and we find ourselves reverting to entertainment or sports to escape some the of the craziness.  Occasionally, our mind wanders, and we enjoy a daydream about a better life situation.  Dreams relieve stress and relax you.  After most daydreams you usually dismiss it and go about life.  But there are some young children that have dreams and do not dismiss them.  Their dream becomes a desire – one that is life changing.  It leads to a life of dedication and much hard work.  We get to join in on this dedication when we watch these young athletes perform at the Olympic Games.  They are all so young, yet you can see the determination on each of their faces before they perform.  They take pride in their countries and have respect for the other athletes on the field with them.  They give us hope for the future.  We were able to observe so many different sports through live streaming.  This Olympics was different because there were no crowds to cheer the athletes on, but somehow it did not matter.  Every young person was just so happy to be able to belong to an Olympic team.  The pride of the winners, as they wrapped their flags around them, was a delight to watch.  The Greek legend concerning the Olympic Games, named Hercules, son of the god Zeus and mortal mother Alcmene, was the founder of the games in the 6th century BC, to promote world peace.  The modern games have carried on that tradition, which resonates throughout the world.  God bless the athletes with their dedication to the hard work it takes to compete at the games.  For a few short weeks, you gave us joy watching you perform and seeing your happiness, no matter if it was a gold, silver or bronze medal.  There may be young ones today that dream of being on a medal platform.  Our wish for you is to dare to dream and make it happen.  Our future depends on your dreams.

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