Low Viscosity Oils: Protecting Equipment and your Pocketbook


July 15, 2021
|11:00 AM PST |Duration: 1 Hr


Fleet managers face mounting pressure to boost productivity, increase uptime and cut costs. Though there are multiple ways to accomplish all three, switching to low-viscosity oil can achieve these objectives without upfront investments and operational charges. 

Better yet, a shift to low-viscosity oil can improve fuel economy by up to 3%, maximize engine durability and optimize ODI. 

OEMs specify engine oil by two descriptions: viscosity and performance. In this informative webinar, presented by CITGARD, viewers will learn it’s possible to meet the demanding performance specifications of heavy-duty applications with low-viscosity oil. Presenters will share: 

  • The top advantages of low-viscosity oil
  • How lower-viscosity oil impacts engine wear and tear
  • The ways low-viscosity oil improves your carbon footprint
  • How low-viscosity oil affects operation and oil consumption
  • The potential for fuel economy savings with low-viscosity oil

Switching to low-viscosity oil helps fleet managers address top pain points, save fuel, and meet future emission standards while protecting their pocketbooks. Learn how selecting the right viscosity grade for your application can generate enough fuel savings to cover the switch’s cost in the first year!


Jason Miller 

Sr. National Account Manager, Heavy Duty Lubricants, CITGO

Joe Eilerman

Engine Product Manager, Detroit Product Marketing, Daimler Trucks North America

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