Truck ban in Kent comes under fire from industry body


A truck ban that stops vehicles parking in laybys has been criticised by Logistics UK.

In addition, the industry body says that Kent County Council’s (KCC) ban contravenes the working rights of logistics workers.

Logistics UK has written a letter to Rachel Maclean MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the DfT. 

In the letter, strong objections were made against the plan, which prevents parking for over 45 minutes. 

Specifically, the truck ban covers laybys across several areas of Kent. 

Logistics UK’s Heidi Skinner said the positive image of drivers from the pandemic seems to have been forgotten.

‘Logistics UK is urging the DfT to consider the welfare of these drivers,’ she said. 

Furthermore, she stressed the point that they work ‘tirelessly to transport the goods and services the nation needs’.  

In addition, Skinnder called on the DfT to withdraw support for KCC’s order banning HGV parking in laybys. 

‘Drivers need access to parking spaces to rest – for both their welfare and to meet legally mandated rest periods from driving,’ she argued. 

‘But with a shortage of between 1,000 and 1,200 HGV parking spaces in Kent, it is unacceptable to prohibit the use of laybys for drivers without providing facilities elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, Skinner pointed out in the letter that the nature of the truck ban was originally a temporary measure. 

It was initially to ensure HGVs weren’t blocking lay-bys while drivers waited for the EU entry papers.

‘Now, following the removal of the Kent Access Permit (KAP), there is no reason to keep the ban in place.’ 

Concluding, the letter stated it was ‘unacceptable for KCC and DfT to continue this traffic order’.

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