Canada ELD Mandate Deadline Passes with No Certified Devices

Despite being days into the federally mandated ELD deadline, there are no certified ELDs in Canada. - Photo: Jim Park

Despite being days into the federally mandated ELD deadline, there are no certified ELDs in Canada.

Photo: Jim Park

Canada’s ELD mandate implementation date came and went with no actual devices yet certified – but a second certification company has been named. As of June 12, all commercial trucks operating in Canada (including U.S. trucking carriers that operate across the border) must be equipped with a certified electronic logging device. Yet no carrier in North America currently complies with the mandate, because there are no certified devices on the market. That’s why no penalties will be assessed for not complying until a year from now.

For an ELD to be compliant with Canada’s mandate, the manufacturer must submit the device for testing and approval by an official certification body. With the announcement of the CSA Group as an approved third-party certification provider, it brings the total to two, along with FPInnovations, which was approved last fall.

All certified devices will be listed here when they become available.

While Canadian officials will still enforce the mandate, there will be no penalties. Enforcement for the next 12 months will mainly focus on education and awareness for motor carriers and drivers on the requirement. Read more about the phased-in enforcement here.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is pushing for full enforcement in June 2022, Canadian trucking publication Today’s Trucking reported.

“CTA’s position is simple: In June 2022, there will be no excuses for a driver, a trucking company or anyone in the supply chain to misunderstand the requirements of compliance and no reason for provincial and territorial governments not to enforce the full extent of the ELD rule on federally regulated carriers,” CTA Chairman Jean Claude Fortin told Today’s Trucking.

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