How To Install A Boltless Bumper


Who doesn’t like a blind-mount boltless bumper from Valley Chrome?  Although installation is fast and trouble free, we get frequent calls inquiring “How do they mount?”  Hope this helps.  Check out this great looking Kenworth with a shiny new 20” Boxed End Valley Chrome bumper!


Start by removing bolts to remove the old bumper.  Clean up the frame mounts so they are free of debris and smooth.  Then remove old bumper braces.


Remove the mounting plates from inside of the NEW bumper and lay them out in front of the truck.


Clamp a straight edge to the bottom of the plates to make sure they are straight.  You will need to build new lower braces like what is shown above.  Replace the outer front spring bolt with a longer bolt to accommodate for the brace that you are adding.


Loosely attach the new mounting plates to the truck.  Make sure that the flanges are pointing towards the rear of the truck.


DO NOT put washers on the mounting plate bolts.  The bumper will be damaged if you install washers.


Once you have all the bolts installed on the mounting plate, go back through and tighten all the bolts down.


Set the bumper over the mounting plate and install top and bottom bolts, then tighten down.  Use nylon washers as shown above.


Use a soft paper towel and glass cleaner to clean the bumper of any smudges or fingerprints.  Easy-Peasy-Done!

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