Managing Information Overload


It is amazing what children ask during a simple conversation.  The workings of young minds are fascinating.  My grandson cannot get over how I can make lists in my head and memorize them.  He asked me what magic I use to remember these lists.  I just chuckled and told him when I was his age there were no computers.  He looked at me with amazement and asked me how I played computer games?  Later, while mulling that conversation over, there was an easy explanation – how can you miss something that has not been invented.  Just think of the world today, particularly how everything you do is linked to your personal devices.  The computer/cell phone is now your alarm to get you up, what you use to get information about the weather, traffic conditions and the news (local, national and international).  You can check the day’s schedule and communicate, all from the palm of your hand.  By the time you walk out the door, you are already on information overload.  As you drive, you listen to your favorite tunes or audio books streamed via satellite or through your phone.  After dinner, you scan Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social platform you choose.  You may get into discussions – some friendly, and some not so friendly – then decide it’s time for bed, so you log into Netflix to watch the shows of your choice before falling asleep.  Let us step away from the information overload and look back at a simpler time.  Maybe as far back as the 1960s, when everyone sat at the kitchen table while eating and talking together.  Our parents would come home from work and read the newspaper while waiting for dinner to cook.  After dinner, we watched the nightly news, did our homework, then watched a favorite show before heading to bed at a reasonable hour.  Back then, we did not plan our lives around a device or our internet connection!  It is also amazing what social media can do – it can change your whole outlook, and you might not even know the people influencing your thoughts and opinions.  Some people get upset when you do not follow the herd and participate.  Sometimes information overload gets the best of us.  Maybe it is time to smell the roses, take a page from yesteryear, and not be so dependent on machines.  Computers are just machines – they do not care or love you.  They are just programmed to do certain commands.  So why not enjoy life, your family, and your friends.  How do you balance life?  Count your blessings.  Being surrounded with family and friends who love you is the biggest blessing of them all.  And, most importantly, walk away from social media and take up a hobby, because working with your hands is more productive and less destructive for your mind!

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