Will Self-driving Trucks Put Truck Drivers Out of Business?


HDT Talks Trucking Special Report: Self-driving trucks will obviously displace some drivers. The question everyone is asking is how many and when. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new deputy administrator and current acting administrator, Meera Joshi, said in mid-March, “If it’s your livelihood that seems like it’s being threatened, it is an immediate problem.” But realistically, given the development timelines for autonomous trucks, and near-term market penetration, if you are a truck driver today, it’s unlikely you will lose your job to a robotic truck. Finch Fulton, vice president of policy and strategy for Locomation and former DOT deputy assistant secretary of transportation policy, explains why

HDT — FMCSA Chief: Autonomous Trucks Mean ‘Real and Broad Impacts on People’s Livelihoods’

Federal Register: Automated Vehicles Comprehensive Plan; Request for Comments

Locomation: Human-guided Autonomy

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