The Spirit of the American Trucker – February 2021


I recently crossed paths with Jake Leibold (25) of Lawler, Iowa, and this young trucker is doing it right!  The son of a farmer, after Jake started trucking, he was immediately hooked.  Today, trucking hard, dragging a cattle pot all around the Midwest, Jake is doing his best not to waste these early years, developing his business skills with hard work and forging his character.  His goal is not to truck his life away, but to build a strong business that one day allows him to be at home again as much as possible.  This is the unique opportunity of being an independent worker/trucker in America – you can plan your dreams and have the freedom to execute those plans and make them happen.  And hey, if you can do all that in a cool flattop Peterbilt, all the better.  Jake is a smart young kid following his own path to success, which is something he wouldn’t be able to do in communist China or Europe anymore.  Let’s keep the Spirit of the American Trucker alive by doing things our way.  Resist the handouts and the “easy” ways out because they always come at the price of our freedoms!

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